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The IRS is very aggressive in their collection attempts for past due payroll taxes.
The penalties assessed on delinquent payroll tax deposits or filings can dramatically increase the total amount owed in a matter of months. Generally, if you don't take immediate action to deal with a payroll tax issue, you will find yourself out of business.
We believe that it is critical to have a Tax Attorney and CPA represent taxpayers in these types of situations. We partner with the nationís leading expert in payroll tax problem relief who Attorneys and CPAs experienced in dealing with this particular IRS problem.
If you owe payroll taxes and intend to go it alone, without expert representation, against the IRS, you are out of your league. You WILL get creamed! It's like going to court without a lawyer and representing yourself. This is only a good idea if you know the Law. Do you? We do!!
The IRS Revenue Officer has unyielding power and authority. They have the power to padlock your front doors, putting you out of business, without obtaining a court order. No other creditor in the world, (not even the President of the United States) can do this. They can seize your machinery and equipment. They can contact your customers, and if your customers owe you any money, the IRS will intercept these funds through their powerful levying authority. Do you think your customers will want to do business with you after that?
If you owe the IRS payroll taxes, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and CALL NOW to find out what your options are. CALL toll FREE 1-(440) 399-1069 for your FREE confidential tax debt settlement analysis.
Don't wait for that dreaded "knock on the door".
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