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The IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) program was established by the U.S. Congress to help taxpayers who have experienced significant financial problems to get a fresh start, if they qualify. Back tax liabilities, penalties and interest can be settled. All federal Tax liens can be released once the IRS accepts the OIC and the negotiated settlement amount is paid.
If you qualify for the Offer in Compromise program, you can save thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties and interest. Taxpayers can negotiate settlements on all types of taxes, including most Payroll taxes, penalties, and interest. It is the closest thing to amnesty that the federal government offers in connection with back tax debt.
The OIC process is a complicated drawn out process that often takes nine months to a year and even longer. In 2007, nationally, 46,000 Offers were submitted with only 12,000 or about 26% accepted. Ohio Tax Debt Solutions acceptance rate, on the other hand, on offers we submit is nearly 3 times (approximately 80%) the national average. Why? We donít allow clients to retain us to submit frivolous OICs. In other words, if we donít feel you are a viable candidate for the program, we wonít let you retain us for an Offer in Compromise.
We put our clients through a rigorous in-depth interview to find out if they really DO qualify for an Offer in Compromise. Most taxpayers do not. We probably turn down (or suggest other viable solutions) to 4 out of 5 potential clients who want or think they can do an OIC. This differentiates us from our competition and is the best indicator of the value we bring to our clients.
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