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Tax Debt Relief, Tax Debt Settlement, IRS Tax Relief, IRS Audit Help, in Ohio and 49 other states.
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Tax Relief Success Stories
Situation Solution Savings
IRS filed a Substitute for Return for tax payer indicating a balance due of over $65,800. Taxpayer contacted us to help develop an installment plan.
We reviewed client’s situation, releasing there was 1 day left to respond and prevent serious adverse consequences, we called the client and told them to get into the
Client made an error when paying their tax bill resulting in a penalty and interest of $8,347. Client attempted to resolve matter directly with IRS to no avail.
We filed an Administrative Appeal and secured a complete abatement of the penalty.
Taxpayer filed bankruptcy and lost his business. Owed IRS over $37,400. Taxpayer tried to work directly with IRS to enter into an installment plan, however, the IRS initiated a wage-garnishment order taking almost half of his pay. Taxpayer couldn’t pay his rent.
We secured an immediate release of the wage garnishment order, filed back tax returns for the taxpayer and his business, and settled the tax debt for less than $600.00
Taxpayer earned cash income and was audited by the IRS. Taxpayer agreed to changes in return proposed by IRS (out of fear) resulting in a tax liability of $27,683. IRS was threatening a bank levy.
We stopped the bank levy and had the account placed in currently non-collectible status for about six months while we brought the client into full compliance then filed an offer in compromise and settled the case with the IRS for $3,600.
Taxpayer owed over $2.4 Million in payroll taxes. IRS showed up at the office talking to staff and customers.
We stopped the IRS from coming to the client’s office and home. Stopped them from seizing assets and negotiated a settlement of approximately $1.2MM
$1.2 Million
Taxpayer failed to file their return and the IRS issued a substitute for return indicating taxpayer owed more than $1.1MM. This balance increased to over $2.00MM with interest and penalties. IRS issued a number of Levy’s taking money from client’s bank accounts and began issuing federal tax liens in an attempt to seize their residence.
We stopped the IRS seizure and reviewed five years of tax returns. We found numerous errors in the IRS assessment and settled the case in Appeals for less than $400.00. The IRS actually issued a refund to the taxpayer.
Over $2.0MM
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