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You've just received a letter from the IRS telling you that your return has been chosen for an audit or proposing to adjust your taxes without even talking with you.

Don't panic., and don't talk to the agent.

Call us immediately.
We will preserve your rights and solve the problem.
We are audit experts. We will represent clients in normal audits, audit letters, and even fraud audits and criminal investigations.
We do not recommend that ANYONE represent themselves in an audit. There are several good reasons to have the tax professionals at Ohio Tax Debt Solutions represent you:
You will not have to be present at the audit. This means that the agent does not get to question you in person regarding the small details of your return. This is usually beyond the scope of the audit you were notified about. They will sometimes try to explore other areas and even imply threats of bigger problems if you don't cooperate. This is why we never have our clients present at an audit.
The IRS Rules and procedures are very complicated – and if you choose to represent yourself, as helpful as the IRS agent appears to be remember they are charged with acting in the best interest of the US Government. There are no Maranda Rights for taxpayers! Representing yourself is very much like representing yourself in a criminal case -- you are the only one who doesn't know the rules.
The Internal Revenue Code has specific rules and procedures which provide you with specific rights, designed to protect you from abusive collection practices. If you don’t know the rules, you can unknowingly waive your rights.
Call the tax professionals at Ohio Tax Debt Solutions at (440) 399-1069 Now!
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