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Tax Relief Services
» Unfiled Tax Returns
If a taxpayer fails to file a return, the IRS submits what is termed an SFR (Substitute for Return). This is submitted by the IRS for the taxpayer using bank deposits as the taxpayer's gross income. This is the worst form of taxation as it allows for zero deductions and grossly exaggerates a taxpayer's liability.
» Settling Back Taxes
• Offer in Compromise
This program was developed by Congress to help collect large amounts of outstanding tax in a relatively short period of time. Their assumption was to offer taxpayers a one-time opportunity to eliminate their debt for a fraction of what was originally owed, thus closing ...
• Penalty Abatement
Besides the Offer in Compromise, there is another, very effective program for reduction of an outstanding tax debt. If there were circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from paying your tax debt and led to delinquency, we can challenge the penalties ...
» 941 Payroll Tax Issues
If you own or have owned a business with employees, the IRS assesses what is termed 941 or employee withholding tax. This tax is due every operating quarter, and if it is not paid, penalties and interest will begin to accrue. If these taxes are neglected long enough, the business can be closed and all assets seized to satisfy the debt.
» IRS Audits
You've just received a letter from the IRS telling you that your return has been chosen for an audit or proposing to adjust your taxes without even talking with you.
Don't panic., and don't talk to the agent.
» State Tax Issues
Many people who owe the IRS, in turn, end up owing state tax as well. While not as broad in scope as the IRS, State collection authorities nevertheless have tremendous reach and are generally more forceful in their collection efforts. While their tactics may be more stringent, they are nonetheless bound by tax law to offer relief to those who qualify.
» Ongoing Tax Compliance
Once you have experienced a tax problem – the last thing you want to do is find yourself down the same path in a few years. For this reason, our team of tax professionals will work with you to make sure that you stay in compliance in the future.
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